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(I also wrote a less formal discussion of what I liked about Portal 2 on my Tumblr.  This document contains spoilers.)

Portal 2 is unfortunately not nearly as inclusive as the first.  The first the worst problem (that I noticed) was that there was some implication that GlaDOS’s amorality was being equated with people with mental health issues.  Portal 2, however, has two points I found problematic: ableist humor (as well as some other varieties of bigoted humor) and the treatment of GlaDOS’s character.  The former was mostly small moments, but they recurred regularly throughout the game, and overall it created an environment that strongly sent a message that if you’re disabled (or otherwise nonnormative) you’re not worth anything.  The latter I’m slightly more ambivalent on, but it still contributed to an environment that made me uneasy.

Spoiler cut.

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Okay how is it that we internalized this idea that ‘offensiveness’ is the problem?

Because I mean seriously, when people make, say, jokes about how trans people are not really their gender and such, the problem isn’t offensiveness. It’s oppressiveness.  You’re not offending someone. YOU’RE HURTING THEM.

Equating being oppressed with being offended is a way to derail the conversation and draw attention away from the fact that oppressive actions are hurting people.

Plus it is so subjective, it’s not like there are dozens of men who are offended by the prospect of women standing up to them, or homophobic fucks who’re offended by seeing gay people show affection, or cissexist asshats who’re offended that you’re not comforming to your patriarchal box.

Offensiveness is comparing me to a slime mold. Kind of maybe painful but not really problematic.  Oppressiveness is mocking me because my gender doesn’t match the one I was coercively assigned, or insisting that should be shut away because of nonneurotypicalness. THIS IS THE SHIT THAT RUINS PEOPLES LIVES.

I can pretty confidently say the world hates me.  About an hour ago my computer stopped working.  Ironically in the middle of writing a post about why the internet is really important to my (and other people’s) life.  Now I am without it. 😦 Considering while I do have a backup computer, it’s old and runs a five year old version of linux and can’t work with my internet.  And as of five minutes ago doesn’t have a left arrow key.

Well… okay I can at least at the moment use my parents internet some of the time, and I should get a replacement computer soon.  Tomorrow is not out of the question, which is good because if I don’t get a replacement I will probably start developing some ridiculous stress.  Well, moreso than what I already have. ._.

(And I mean, I could tie this into ranting about privilege if I really wanted to, since reason I didn’t get a new computer several weeks ago is some really fucked up bureaucracy and tied up with the idea that people with mental health issues need others to do their thinking for them; and for that matter, half the reason I can get out of this situation is that while I’m really poor, my parents aren’t.)