Eater of Trees


My first, middle, and last name are all Emily. (This is not actually true :P)  I am female/androgynous (WHAT I CAN HAVE TWO GENDERS IF I WANT).  I am not cis, obviously with the whole two genders thing.  I am quite neurodivergent (autism being the biggest one) I eat trees. (This is a lie. Except that one time, and it was more a bed, and less “ate” as “gnawed on”.)

I am way better at updating my tumblr or twitter.  Go follow those.

If you really need more of me, I’m also on Dreamwidth now.  Though I’m being a bit more circumspect about that one, so ask me for it. Preferably on twitter or tumblr. 😛

I also co-run Fuck Yeah Autism Spectrum.

Oh yeah and if you happen to know my offline name or location, kindly do not mention it, I’m using an internet name and vague location for a reason. (I’m starting to feel like the offline name is the pseudonym though :P)


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