Eater of Trees


Posted on: January 24, 2011

[crossposted from my tumblr]

I am colorblind.  I see reds at a slightly reduced intensity compared to everyone else, especially when they’re mixed with other colors.

People who claim to not see race are privilege denying asshats.  However, (usually) they can see all colors normally.  Therefore they are not colorblind. (Except obviously when they are)

If people who claim to not see race do claim to be colorblind, then they are also appropriating ableist asshats.  I mean like seriously.  This also applies to when people who think that ignoring race is a terrible idea call it colorblindness and talk about how terrible it is.

(And it’s especially egregious when they do it in an article that talks about appropriation.  I MEAN SERIOUSLY.)


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