Eater of Trees

This doesn’t even MAKE SENSE.

Posted on: January 14, 2011

We all know about hypersexualized armor.  Oblivion does a bit better on that but it still is kind of terrible sometimes.  For example, this happened:

A woman in metal armor with a low neckline. An arrow is stuck in her upper chest in a part of her body the armor doesn't cover.

I mean seriously that’s exactly why this type of armor makes no sense. (Also I went with heavy armor with this character because it seemed like it would be less sexualized.  So far I am wrong. ._.)

Also, hmmm… maybe I should get a tumblr if I’m going to make microbloggy posts like this…


2 Responses to "This doesn’t even MAKE SENSE."

At least it’s not a platemail bikini?

Yeah, it is doing better than a lot of games. (And I know the higher level armor doesn’t do this)

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